“This assessment was awesome. We learned new things about one another, and we have become more patient and expressive with each other.”

You want your relationship to be all it can be!

More understanding and less arguing. Confidence and clarity to talk about sensitive topics. Insight on how to be each other’s cheerleader and lover. Whether you are in year 0, 5, 10, 25 or more, the Prepare/Enrich assessment will help you visualise your relationship, put facts behind your feelings, and discover ways to open up doors for communication and intimacy.


The Prepare/Enrich assessment makes your relationship stronger!

Personalised results provide insights that will put you on a path toward life-long relationship growth. Research has shown that the simple act of taking an assessment improves relationship satisfaction.


Increase Awareness

The customizable nature of the assessment provides results that will increase awareness across the whole of your relationship.


Provide Objective Results

The Prepare/Enrich assessment is scientifically reliable and valid, which means accurate and objective results that help you talk about what really matters in your relationship.


Catalyst for Conversation

The process of taking the assessment primes you for conversations and skill building to establish and strengthen your relationship foundation.


What is a Facilitator?

Prepare/Enrich Facilitators help couples in various settings including counselling centres and communities, to identify their relationship strengths, understand dynamics, and build skills. Facilitators administer the Prepare/Enrich assessment, provide results through feedback sessions, and promote relationship growth. We like to think of them as “relationship champions”!

I Have a Facilitator

Are you currently working with a Facilitator? If so, your Facilitator will set you up to take the assessment. Look for an email with your login code.

I Need a Facilitator

Are you dating, engaged or married and interested in taking the Prepare/Enrich assessment, but not working with a Facilitator yet? Fill in the Take Assessment form and we will keep in touch with you. If you belong to a faith-based community, it might be helpful to check if they have a recommended Prepare/Enrich Facilitator.

Looking for the DIY version?

Couples who want feedback about their relationship without a Facilitator can use a lighter version of the assessment called Couple Checkup™.


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