Why Prepare/Enrich


Whether you are laying the foundation for your relationship or checking in after many committed years, Prepare/Enrich is the right choice.


1 Increase Awareness

The results of an assessment provide insights to your relationship. Research has shown the act of taking the Prepare/Enrich assessment improves relationship quality and brings increased awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship.

2 Assesses Your Relationship

Prepare/Enrich covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, finances, and spiritual beliefs. In addition, the assessment will explore your personality, family of origin, and relationship dynamics. Over 30 customised categories, such as expecting a child, ensure your experience with your results will feel accurate and relevant to your relationship.

3 Reduces Your Risk for Divorce

Research has shown that taking the Prepare/Enrich assessment prior to marriage reduces your risk for divorce by 30%.

4 Encourages Discussion

Prepare/Enrich will help you celebrate your strengths as a couple and use them to gain momentum in the growth areas of your relationship. The assessment primes you to have meaningful conversations as you continue to grow as a couple.

5 Enhances Your Relationship Skills

Prepare/Enrich provides skill-building exercises to help you strengthen your relationship. Developing skills such as assertive communication and active listening will allow you to support growth in all areas of your relationship.


No, we promise it is not a test. It’s an assessment of your relationship across several categories. Review below what the assessment is, and is not, so you have a deeper understanding of what it will do for your relationship.

Prepare/Enrich Is Prepare/Enrich Is Not
A momentary snapshot of your relationship A reflection of what your relationship historically has been or will be in the future
A catalyst for discussion between you and your partner A compatibility report or a test you can pass or fail
A proven means to lower your risk of divorce A guarantee for a successful relationship
An accurate, research-based report of your relationship strength and growth areas A measure that indicates you should break up or get married
A valid and reliable source of relationship assessment A replacement for professional relationship counseling

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