Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding adventures of life. Help couples make it through this unpredictable excursion with confidence and grace.


The world needs great parents.

Parenting Takes a Toll

After a couple has a child, each partner’s individual satisfaction may increase, but we have seen time and time again the marital satisfaction will likely decrease. We also know it is completely normal for each partner to approach parenting differently, which can cause stress on the relationship. Don’t let parenting wear down marriage, instead help couples see parenting as a way to grow closer together.

A Balance is Needed

It is vital to keep your marriage at the centre of your life, but when you’re a parent, it’s easy to let your children become the centre of your attention. By finding balance in being both parent and partner, individuals will become more confident in their parenting and relationship skills.


Parenting is complicated.

Help couples find a common ground in their parenting styles.


Each Child is Different

No two parents will have the same relationship with their child. On top of that, the parent-child relationship will be different for each child. This may unintentionally show up as favouring one child over the other. Help parents understand their particular parenting style with each child.


Holistic Awareness

Every family is different and it’s hard to know how to guide your couples. This version of the Prepare/Enrich assessment looks at a variety of important family functions, such as family communication, child behavioural concerns, and parenting stress, all while keeping the couple at the centre of your focus.


Build Unity

Each parent will have their own idea for how to parent their children. Illuminate understanding of each other’s differences to help couples be more unified in their parenting. Greater appreciation for how each partner parents will help the couple build their confidence in parenting.


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